About Us

Thanks for stopping by!  We are just two independent, career-oriented, food-and-fitness-crazed, adventure-seeking sisters (real sisters, same DNA!).  We created this blog as a way to share our unique experiences in food and fitness with all!

Growing up in a household where food was held in the highest regard, it's no wonder we are so passionate about it today. Our mother is a culinary superwoman. She cooks with her heart and soul, with so much love, it makes her food that much more amazing and delicious! Mom has taught us almost everything we know in the kitchen, we are truly blessed to have had such a great teacher and mentor through the years. Cooking is a continuing education for us... we are continuously learning new skills, trying new recipes and flavor profiles, and gaining experience. We are by no means professionals... cooking is just another adventure for both of us! :)

Our involvement in fitness, exercise, sporting activities directly stems from our passion for food. Staying fit while still being creative in the kitchen by enjoying clean, healthy food is our number one goal. We are both avid gym go-ers but also like to mix up our workouts with group exercise classes (cycle), running, hiking, kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding. We are willing to try just about anything, no exercise or sport is too daunting! Bottom line, if it burns calories and we can be outside, we are all in.

Maybe it's in the genes, but we both possess a true passion for life and adventure too! From world travel to sky-diving, from to wine tasting to concerts, from time on the ocean to time with our family and friends, we always try to live life to the fullest. Every day is the opportunity for a new adventure; get out there and be active, experiment in the kitchen, try something new and exciting!!! You only live once, so make the journey worthwhile...


Janel & Amy


  1. Hi there!

    I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me please? Thanks!!

    Melanie : )

  2. I just made your quinoa tuna casserole! Delicious!!! Thank you for posting!