Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Biscuits and Gravy

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Our holiday was quiet... we enjoyed our traditional Swedish Christmas Eve dinner complete with ham, Swedish meatballs, scalloped potatoes, peas, lingonberry jam, and limpa bread, then spent some time around the fireplace sipping wine and visiting with friends. On Christmas morning we woke up to the delicious and familiar smell of my mom making our family's favorite holiday breakfast... Biscuits and Gravy!

For me, my mom's version of Biscuits and Gravy is amazingly delicious comfort food x 100,000! For some reason her recipe just tastes better than anyone else's (and that is including restaurants!). I have gone years without asking her for the recipe or hoovering over the stove while she makes it... I just simply enjoyed consuming it. Honestly, I think I didn't want to know how high in fat and calories this favorite holiday breakfast indulgence is! Some things are just better left unknown... 

But the truth came out this Christmas, and I was quite surprised to learn that my mom uses fat-free milk and only about a half tablespoon of butter per person for her gravy. She still uses regular pork sausage, but you could easily sub that out for a reduced fat sausage. And to save time this Christmas morning, my mom used Pillsbury Grand! Biscuits... which also come in a reduced fat and wheat version now. Sometimes we will make our biscuits from scratch, but if you're short on time or are looking for a quicker and easier Biscuits and Gravy recipe, using refrigerated biscuits is the perfect way to go!

I finally sat down and watched Mama W. work her biscuits and gravy magic. The gravy itself is not too difficult to make... all you do is pre-cook the sausage, then make a roux (using equal parts butter and flour), then you add milk and some pepper to the roux and 'baby-sit' that gravy until it thickens, upon which time you throw in the cooked sausage! Easy, right?!?!? Well, the outcome is delicious enough that I am now willing to try making this comforting breakfast all by myself at some point.

Using fat-free milk, reduced fat pork sausage (like Jimmy Dean's), and a reduced fat biscuit would make me feel a little better about indulging in a big heaping plate of Biscuits and Gravy. Obviously this isn't the kind of breakfast you'd want to have every morning... but if you are looking for a lighter version of this yummy, hearty breakfast favorite this recipe is easily adaptable to that! And if you don't care about calories, you could just go with full calorie, regular fat on all the ingredients. Either way IT'S SO GOOD...

Biscuits and Gravy
Mama W. original recipe
makes about 6 servings

1 (12oz.) package pork sausage (reduced fat, for a lighter version)
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour
3 cups fat free milk
pepper, to taste
8-12 biscuits (reduced fat, for a lighter version)

Place sausage in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until evenly brown. Remove sausage with a slotted spoon, leaving the drippings in the pan.

Stir in the butter until melted. Add flour, and stir until smooth. Reduce heat to medium, and cook until light brown.

Gradually whisk in milk, and cook until thickened.

Season with pepper, and stir in cooked sausage. Reduce heat, and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes. If gravy becomes too thick, stir in a little more milk.

Serve warm over biscuits. And ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, it's soooooooooo good... and really quick and easy!

Believe me, you will make everyone's tummy happy with this comforting, hearty breakfast dish! Maybe these Biscuits and Gravy will even become a holiday tradition for your family like it is for our family.

Hope all you enjoyed your holiday season...

Happy New Year and Cheers to a happy and healthy 2015!!!

- Janel

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