Friday, November 7, 2014

Half Marathon Training Tips - from an average runner!

Besides our Monthly Fitness Challenges, I haven’t done a fitness-related entry in quite a while! Seeing as how the name of our blog is Sisters Do Food and Fitness, I figured I’d better take a break from the food and recipe blogging and write about something fitness-related.

It just so happens that today I received a nice Facebook notification that the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Half Marathon is only 10 weeks away! Guess it’s time to get serious with my training for this half marathon.

I ran the same race last January – I loved the course, the awesome cheerleaders and bystanders, and totally crushed my PR. The 2014 Carlsbad Half was one of my favorite half marathon experiences!

From that race in January up until now, I have done a little bit of everything to stay in shape. Insanity (HIIT), tennis, gym, lunch-time cardio workouts, my Monthly Fitness Challenges, short runs, even golf (haha!). I feel pretty confident that I am still in “runner” shape, but I have not logged many runs over 4 miles.

Regardless of how many half marathons I've run in the past and how good of shape I think I’m in, I always go back to my trusty half marathon training program from Hal Higdon. The novice 12-week training program has worked great for me for all my previous races!

Print Novice Half Marathon Training Program here.

Half Marathon Training Tips - from an average runner!

Besides finding a half marathon training program (and listening to the advice of the professionals), here are some other helpful tips I would tell anyone looking to train for their first half… or get back into racing after a running hiatus.

1) Hold yourself accountable! Print out that training schedule and mark down your exercise every day.

2) Put the training schedule somewhere you can see it! Post on the fridge, at work, or anywhere you will have to look at it constantly.

3) Don’t skip the long runs… schedule the time to run into your weekend.

4) Change up your run routes frequently so you don’t get bored. A change of scenery makes a big difference!

5) Find a running buddy. If you have someone else to chat with on those long runs, they go by faster! Also, it’s harder to bail on your runs when you’ve made running plans.

6) Make sure your running shoes are in good shape. I always buy a new pair at the start of my training.

7) Use a running app on your phone or a running watch to track, time and log runs. I find I push myself to go faster as the weeks of training go on…

8) If your body say NO-GO, then take a rest day! We get sick and injured, it happens. Rest is super important; and with that being said,

9) Get lots of sleep. It’s hard to get up the motivation to go for a run or hit the gym after work if you are a walking zombie.

10) Run – even when you don’t feel like it. Burnout and lack of motivation are just part of the journey!


11) Don’t beat yourself up about missing a workout or having a bad run. Be proud of the weeks of effort and miles you’re putting in. We all have bad days, busy days, days that don’t go as we planned… it’s life!

Just consider these some training tips and words of wisdom from your average runner, I am by no means a professional on the subject.

Can't wait to cross that finish line again!

Look for updates on the training in the next couple weeks.... :)

- Janel

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