Thursday, February 27, 2014

'Six Pack' March

The February Fitness Challenge is finally over...... whew! Give yourself a big pat on the back if you finished all those push-ups and squats, it was not an easy challenge! At the beginning of the month, I struggled with my regular push-ups... and today I busted out 6 sets of 15 standard push-ups like it was no biggie. Not only can I see a change in my arms and shoulders (they are more toned) but I also feel MUCH stronger in my arms and core. These monthly challenges do work!

Read more about the February Fitness Challenge here: 'Fit February'

With swimsuit season around the corner, I thought it was was only appropriate to do a mid-section and ab fitness challenge for the month of March. The 'Six Pack' March challenge consists of planks, sit-ups, reverse crunches, Russian twists, and bicycle crunches to work your upper and lower abs. :) The reps increase a couple times during the month, so make sure to keep the Fitness Challenge calendar handy!

As always, you can add on reps or make the exercises harder if you feel you need the extra challenge. I am going to continue to do a few reps of exercises from previous months' challenges (squats, push-ups, tri-dips) during the day to mix it up.

'Six Pack' March.... Let's do this!

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Good luck Fitness Challengers! :)

And don't forget... abs aren't just made in the gym (or home 'gym'), they are made in the kitchen too! For results, you have to exercise AND eat healthy. For healthy recipe ideas, check out our recipe index page... lots of ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinner, desserts, and snacks!


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