Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fitness Challenge: 'Skinny Jeans' September

I've been putting together these Monthly Fitness Challenges since the beginning of the year; yet it feels like only yesterday I came up with the concept. The idea behind the monthly fitness challenge started because I needed a way to be held accountable for strength training exercises on a daily basis (not just telling myself "ok Self, today we do 100 sit-ups"). So I made up a calendar with a list of exercises I had to complete daily... and the first Monthly Fitness Challenge was born! Before long, the idea had grown, was shared on Facebook and Pinterest, more people joined the challenges, and now we were all getting the the challenge and push we need to get fit together!

The great part about the monthly fitness challenges is that they are made up of strength training and core conditioning exercises... without any equipment! You can use you own body weight, in the comfort of your home!

The September Fitness Challenge is a great all-over body workout designed to get you back into your skinny jeans this fall!!! Time to tighten up those midsections, strengthen your core, arms, and legs, and burn some calories... who's with us?!

For a printable calendar, click here.

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Don't fear the skinny jeans this fall! September.... let's do this! 
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  1. Getting back into those jeans will be a challenge (for me)

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