Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Fitness Challenge!!

So I've been putting together these Monthly Fitness Challenges since the beginning of the year. What I've learned from my own experience with the challenges is that unless you COMMIT 100% to the daily exercises, it's super easy to fall behind or even fall off the challenge altogether. Truthfully, May and June were not the greatest of months for my commitment level to the challenges. Between vacations, summer fun, work and life... it has been hard to find time to fit the daily exercises in every day!

But July is going to be different... so I'm calling this month's challenge #CommitToBeFitJuly. If you COMMIT to the daily exercises, do your cardio, and eat healthy, you will see RESULTS! This month is going to be hard... squat jumps, planks and burpees are all part of the daily exercise line-up. But "no pain, no gain", "there is no change without challenge", "what doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you" and... well, you get the idea. Join us, commit to the challenge, and reap the benefits of the all-over body toning for the July Fitness Challenge!

The great part about the monthly fitness challenges is that they are made up of strength training and core conditioning exercises... without any equipment! You can use you own body weight, in the comfort of your home!

For a printable #CommitToBeFitJuly calendar, click here.

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Let's Do This!