Sunday, March 17, 2013

Benefits of Having a Running "Buddy"

Last Sunday I ran the San Diego Half Marathon. It was a beautiful Southern California morning, cool and clear... perfect running weather for 13.1 miles. (This was a relief because it had POURED down rain the two days leading up to the race). Last Sunday was also Daylight Savings, so it was a very early morning... but the run was worth the pre-5am (4am) wake up.

San Diego Half Marathon - Mach 10, 2013

Anyway, the reason I felt the need to blog about this race is two-fold...

First of all, a good friend of mine (who I've known for 20 years) made the trip out to San Diego from New Orleans to run the race with me. We both have run a few half marathons in the last couple years... along with 5ks, 10ks, etc. Basically, we both like to run. About 6 months ago, we decided we should run a race together and made a plan to run the San Diego Half Marathon. We took it upon ourselves to train separately... but every week we'd touch base to catch up and discuss our week of training. Having someone else to train with, go through the ups and downs of running with, and support and understand your goal is truly a GREAT thing!! Having as running "buddy" also makes the long training process more fun too.

Well the week of the race came, my friend came into town, and we both crossed our fingers we'd be trained up to the same level as the other. As it turns out, we were able to chat our way through 13.1 miles (seeing as how we had PLENTY to catch up on not living in the same city) in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Our run pace matched perfectly! We crushed it.

This brings me to my second reason for writing about the half marathon...

I don't know if it was because I had a running "buddy" or I was just more prepared for this race, but this was my personal best half marathon time so far!!!!!! I was able to shave about 20 minutes off of my previous half marathon time from back in November (Temecula Half Marathon). Not only did I run the race in a faster time, it was also much easier physically then all the other long runs I've done. Needless to say, we were very proud of our accomplishment and had a great, memorable experience at the same time!

Grab a buddy, train and run a race together! It's not only fun... it's rewarding too!

Benefits of Having a Running "Buddy":
  • You have someone to go through the ups and downs of training with, you never feel alone
  • You have someone who understands the physical pains and issues your body experiences from running
  • You have someone to keep you in check, so you don't slip in your training
  • A running "buddy" can be a good motivator; they can push you to go for a run when you don't want to
  • You have someone who also understands the mental challenges of running; you have a running suppport-system
  • Running with a "buddy" makes the miles easier; talking to someone makes the time go much faster! You don't focus on the mileage so much
  • If your "buddy" is faster than you, running with them for part (or all) of the way improves your own speed
  • In the end, you have someone to celebrate your running accomplishments with!

Post-race beers always taste the best!

Thanks for a great time Friend... let's do it again soon!


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