Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Fitness Challenge!

January has come and gone.... over the course of the month me and my co-worker (a fellow food and fitness lover) did over 2,500 squats as part of the January Fitness Challenge!  We have felt and seen the results of the squats in our thighs and gluts... they are more toned and slimmed down. Our core muscles feel much stronger too!  The best thing about the challenge is the 'act of doing' the squats every hour, on the hour, has become part of our regular work day.  So challenge or no challenge, we will continue doing squats as part of our daily exercise routine!

For February, the challenge is upper body strength and toning.  Tank top arms are only a month... and 2,500 push-ups and 2,500 tricep dips away!  Don't let the push-ups scare you away from the challenge, you can do any kind of push-up that is comfortable for your fitness level (modified, wall, etc).

Here are two variations of push-ups:

Wall Push-up

Modified Push-up

How to Do a Tricep-Dip (Tri-Dip):

Sit with hips on edge of a bench or chair, knees bent, feet flat. Place hands on edge of chair, fingers facing forward, arms straight. Lift hips off edge, back straight, abs contracted [A].

Bend elbows, lowering hips toward ground, squeezing elbows toward each other and stopping before you feel a strain in shoulders [B]. Straighten arms and repeat.

We are taking measurements and our "before pictures" tomorrow.  Progress reports and result pictures will be posted at the end of the month.  FEBRUARY... LET'S DO THIS!


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