Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kayak Love!

Me and Amy are always looking for new fun, fitness-related activities to try on the weekends.  This summer we tried kayaking for the first time!  I didn't know how I would feel being confined to a small vessel on the ocean that I had to power myself... but I loved it.  Over the last couple months we've rented both double-kayaks and/or single-kayaks for our outdoor adventures (they aren't too expensive to rent, plus there are always internet deals for kayak rentals).  I'd say the double-kayak is good for first-timers or a leisurely kayak with a partner, but we prefer the single-kayaks now that we know what we are doing!  We've had the pleasure of introducing some of our friends to kayaking too, and they really enjoyed it.  Kayaking can be a fun group or solo activity.

Here are some of the health benefits of kayaking... it's stress-reducing and relaxing, calorie-burning, and muscle-strengthening all at the same time!  It is a low-impact workout (you don't actually feel like you are working out)... but the average person burns 300-400 calories in 1 hour of kayaking.  Kayaking also works most of your upper body muscles, even some core and leg muscles.

So if you live near a body of water and are looking for a fun, fitness-related activity to try out over the weekend... find a place that rents kayaks and go for a paddle... by yourself or with a friend!  It'll have you feeling relaxed and fit... :) 


p.s.  You can also get a great tan while you're out on the water too... just remember your sunscreen!

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