Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Properly Cut a Pineapple

Cutting Pineapple

To me,  nothing tastes better on a warm, summer day than fresh fruit. Consumption of fruits and juices help to reduce body heat and helps in controlling body temperature. No wonder it tastes so refreshing!

When I don't know how to do something in the kitchen, I always ask my mom. So, naturally, we had a hands on lesson on how to cut pineapple. Now that I have done it on my own quite a few times, I feel comfortable sharing my technique with you all!

When I pick out a pineapple at the store, I try to find one that is not too soft when I push on it. If it is soft, it probably means it is too ripe. Likewise, if it is too hard, it might not be ripe enough. So, somewhere is the middle is usually good. When in doubt, ask someone who works there!

First, I start by cutting off the top of the pineapple.

After I cut off the top of pineapple, I start shaving off the sides of the pineapple, as close to the skin as I can go. There is some brown, hard circles that you don't really want. When I use the pineapple chunks in my smoothie, I don't really mind the brown circles though. It's really just preference. My mom says it's extra "fiber".

You'll want to "shave" the pineapple all the way around. When you are have shaved all the sides, you can go around and cut off any remaining green or brown pieces that you don't want.

Next, you have to cut off the bottom of the pineapple. Try to take as little as you can off, as there is some nice pineapple "meat" down there.

Place the pineapple back upright. Now, you have to cut around the core in the middle. You can see the core is a harder, lighter shade of yellow. You'll just want to get as much of the pineapple as you can off the core. You'll end up with four big chunks of pineapple.

Once you have your four big pieces of pineapple, you can cut it into smaller pieces, as big you desire. Since I mainly use mine in smoothies, I cut them into slightly bigger chunks.

That's it. Store in the fridge and enjoy all week!

I am still trying to perfect the cut of cantaloupe, so stay tuned!


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