Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sandwich Tricks!

Good morning!  While making my daily sandwich for work (turkey, cheese, avocado, and greens), it occurred to me I use some pretty interesting tricks to keep my sandwich ingredients fresh longer. Thought I would share...

For the avocado: Cut off the side of the avocado at 3/4 the way up. Keep the top. Cut out/scrape out the amount of avocado you need.

 Put the top back on.

Secure top to bottom with a rubber band to make sure the least amount of air gets in. Put in a plastic resealable bag and put back in fridge. Fruit will stay fresh/green for a week!

For the greens (today it was baby spinach): 

Once the tub/bag of greens is open, put a paper towel in. Close the tub/bag of greens and put back in the fridge. The paper towel will suck up the excess moisture and greens will stay fresh longer!

 Nothing like fresh ingredients for a delicious sandwich!

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