Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Early Morning Workouts!

Last month I started waking up at 4:30am (a couple times a week) to go to the gym before work.  For years I have been an "after-work gym person".  I could never understand how or why people would get out of their warm, comfy beds so early... until I started making it part of my workout routine.  I must say, it is an AMAZING feeling to be finished with your workout before the day has even really begun.... or before the sun is up for that matter!  Not to mention the rest of the physical benefits associated with early morning exercise...
Early morning exercise increases metabolism, increases energy throughout the day, and increases your body's ability to burn calories!  But my favorite benefit of early morning exercise is that it gets your endorphins flowing... and when I finish my workout I am relaxed and in a good mood to start the rest of my day! :)
Working out early in the morning also means I have time in the evening to dedicate to culinary adventures.... like Mom's Boston Cream Pie birthday cake..... STAY TUNED!!!!
Off to the kitchen I go....

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